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Full Moon Farms is an organic vegetable gardening service in Encinitas, California
that is dedicated
to expanding the local food movement by creating “Urban Farmers”.
Your own home vegetable garden allows you to save on trips to the market, ensure the
quality of your own food and help the environment. Our beautiful Southern California
weather is ideal for growing seasonal vegetables year-round.

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We offer several ways for you and your family to get started growing your own fresh,
naturally grown vegetables right at home.

garden pictures: little container, patio and raised bed gardes

spacer Lightweight, portable, pre-planted
vegetable and herb gardens for those
with limited garden space. A seasonal
replanting guide is included.
spacer Created with oak barrels, redwood
containers or large ceramic pots.
Full Moon Farms designs attractive
arrangements of vegetables
and herbs for your patio.
spacer Full Moon Farms will build and plant
your garden to your specifications,
using rich organic soil. We also replant
existing beds (pictured).

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Full Moon Farms can teach you how to care for your gardens
yourself with organic fertilizers and natural insect repellants. We offer
weekly or monthly maintenance, replanting & harvesting services.

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